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Own The Walk
$360 / 2 hours

Being able to walk your dog on leash is a basic requirement if you want to take your dog out regularly in the city. Unfortunately, many owners spend months, even years, working on this task without success. Not being able to walk their dogs in a relax and enjoyable manner really takes away the freedom and quality of life of the dogs and often adds a lot of stress to the owners to the point where they hate walking their dogs.


If you want to enjoy a relaxing walk and hate being dragged down the road by your dog all the time, this course is for you. This course aims to help you to "own the walk" in 2 hours. I will go over the concept of leash pressure, teach you how to communicate with your dog via the leash and collar without conflict, and practice with you how to use an active release of gentle leash pressure to provide feedback and reward the dog for staying next to you. 


Get your dog to stop dragging and start following you today!

A Herm Sprenger Prong Collar can be purchased for $25 CAD.




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