• Richard Chan

Let's Humanize Our Relationship...

When people see an owner with a very obedient dog, they are often impressed by the display of a very high level of engagement--the dog will look to the owner for direction, the dog will listen to the owner even if there are many dogs and all kinds of distractions around, and the dog will work for the owner with extreme excitement and motivation. Imagine when a young boy meets a girl and he becomes so attracted to her. The boy cannot think about anything else but the girl. Finally, he asks her out and she says yes. He is ecstatic. He puts on his best outfit and takes her to the best restaurant in town. When they are having candle light dinner in a fancy restaurant, the boy looks at the girl and he feels like the luckiest man on earth--she is all that he sees, he desires her, he admires her, and she is everything to him. There are other pretty girls in the restaurant, but he only wants to talk to her; he laughs at her jokes and loves it when she laughs at his. To me, this is what engagement between a dog and his owner should look like. Just as it is important that a couple has a solid foundation on which to build a long lasting relationship upon, dog owners need to work on building a rock solid and respectful relationship with their dogs. The dog should look to the owner the way a boy looks at his first lover at a romantic candle light table--the dog admires the owner, trusts the owner, listens to the owner, and nothing else matters. The owner is everything to the dog and the dog wants nothing but only that which come from the owner.


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