• Richard Chan

A great gift for your dog

Being calm is a mental state and it can be taught.

A dog that knows how to be calm is a happy dog who is not constantly living in a hyperactive mental state looking for more.

Think about a child who needs to go play in the playground for an hour every morning before he can sit still in a classroom for his first lesson of the day.

Many dogs are like this child who cannot stay still until they are physically exhausted. It is not a good mental/psychological place to be for a human nor a dog.

This picture here was taken by me after I let my dogs out to the yard for their first quick potty break in the morning. The yard was messy and I needed to get the mop ready so I asked them to laid down.

If I say this picture was taken after a 3 hours walk people would believe me, but the fact is it was taken early in the morning after a 2 minutes potty break.

Although it may seem that way, the dogs in this picture were not physically exhausted at all.

Teaching your dog to know how to be calm is a great gift you can give to your dog.

Just like teaching our children to stay seated quietly at their desks and pay attention early in the morning, it is possible, and essential, to teach our dogs to be calm and relaxed even before getting their daily exercise.

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