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  • Richard Chan

Consequence Free = Stress Free?

Would you rather live in a community where there are no rules and boundaries and no one will be held accountable for their action?

What do you think would happen if there is no consequence to stealing, murdering, raping...?

Force is absolutely needed to enforce consequence. That is why we have police, military, school monitors, supervisors...etc.

"Force free" means free of any force. Without force it is impossible to enforce consequence effectively.

Consequence free is not stress free; as a matter of fact, if we were to live in a consequence free society we will be constantly living under fear and stress because there is nothing there to stop anyone from hurting us, and there is nothing to protect us.

If we teach our children the concept of consequence early on, our children will understand how to be responsible and considerate. They will learn to think not just for themselves but for others as well. They will understand they are accountable for their own decisions--if they do the right thing they will be rewarded; if they do the wrong thing they will have to face the consequences.

When taught properly, the child will be motivated, responsible, and respectful.

On the other hand, a spoiled child is one who knows no concept of consequence--he is always showered with affections and never shown any boundary, he is a child who only does what he likes whenever he likes, has no regard for anyone else but himself, and never has to be held accountable for any of his own mistake.

No one likes to be around a spoiled brats because they are selfish, inconsiderate and they never listen. They are a pain to have around.

Training your dog with a "consequence free" approach by showering your dog will lots of rewards but zero correction is like raising a spoiled brat.

Nowadays, some people believe that correction is an aversive, they feel that it is fearful, painful, abusive, unnecessary, and unscientific and should never be used on any dog.

I am absolutely against animal cruelty and abuse. However, using "force" and teaching consequence to a dog through correction is not the same as using fear and pain. A child who is brought up understanding he is accountable for his action is not going to be fearful and abused, he will become a trustworthy, dependable, mature, and wholesome adult that everyone likes to have around.

Similarly, teaching a dog how to behave properly using a balanced assortment of reward and correction will give you a well behaved, stable, trustworthy, and dependable dog. Such a dog processes a clear understanding on what is expected and what is not, he is well liked by the people around him and gets along very well with other dogs and animals. As a result, he will enjoy lots of freedom, loads of interaction and life inclusion, and have so much fun in life.

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