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  • Richard Chan

Dog park myth: tired dog = happy dog?

Dogs are social animals but they are pack animals, too.

Pack animals stay close to their pack. It is not natural to see dogs rushing excitedly to play with another pack in the wild.

You and your dog and other members of the family (other pets, parents, spouse, children...etc) is the pack that your dog views himself as being part of.

Take your time to interact with your dog--play, train, walk, and work with your dog. This can greatly enhance your relationship and bonding.

Tiring out your dog physically at the dog park so he will stay quiet in the house may make your life easier but it should not be your daily goal.

Instead, work on building a closer and better relationship with your dog--teach your dog something new, find ways to have better communication with your dog, expand your dog's horizon, expose him to some new experience, help him to overcome something he has problem with, improve his engagement, boost his confidence, or just spend time with him so he gets to know you better...etc.

You are a pack so work together as a team.

At the end of the day, instead of asking yourself if your dog is tired enough to have a good sleep, ask yourself if you have made him a better dog today than he was yesterday.

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