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  • Richard Chan

Dogs don't give up but sometimes we do.

My idea of making this video comes from being told by many people when I first got Spot that I should never let her off leash because she was so anxious she could never be trusted...

Many did not even believe that it was possible for her to ever have a normal life on leash, never mind off leash freedom.

I believe often what we expect from our dogs is bounded by our own limited vision. We hold our dogs back because we fail to comprehend how far a dog can go with proper training; we give up on our dogs because we lack faith in the true potential of the dog.

A lot of people do not know what a well behaved dog looks like. They have no idea what kind of caliber they can expect from a dog that has been properly trained. A lot of people think training is just about obedience commands and because of this misconception they cannot see how teaching a dog sit, down, stay...can possibly rehabilitate a dog with aggression, reactivity, or fearfulness. They do not know real world balanced training goes much deeper than just teaching tricks--it is about instilling in the dog a proper mindset and building a deep relationship and bond between the dog and the owner.

I am hoping to show that if a dog like Spot who was un-socialized and timid can be trained to listen off leash reliably in a new environment where she was obviously not comfortable in, imagine what proper off leash training can do to a "normal" dog that has been raised with proper socialization.

I also want to show people who may have a very timid or difficult dog that it is possible to train such a dog to have off leash freedom and to give such a dog a "normal" life.

This video can hopefully offer some hope to someone who has a dog that has been written off by so many people so many times. Please do not give up. There are many great trainers out there who can help you. You will be surprised how far your dog can go if you just let him.

Your dog is not giving up, he just wants to start a new chapter and be the best he can be.

We should not limit our dogs' potential and should not discount the power of training just because we cannot see it in our heads.

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