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Ecollar--what does it really do to a dog?

There are lots of misconceptions out there about what ecollar does and what a dog that has been trained with ecollar will look and act like. Ecollar training has come a long way. In the olden days many trainers were using ecollar just to correct and ecollar back in those days were very harsh. Nowadays, we use ecollar as a communicative device, not just for correction. Ecollar is a training device meant for communication much like a leash and collar do. In modern day ecollar training we use a very low level to communicate with our dogs. Often the level we use is so low that it can be felt by the dog but not by any human. In that sense, it is gentler than any leash, collar, or harness as all these other devices can be felt by human. TV in the olden days were very bulky, heavy, and lacked many features. The quality was not very good. They used to emit radiation that could harm our eyes. Nowadays TV are very thin, very light, with very high definition, featuring lots of user friendly features-- one can even watch a movie in 3D, and they no longer emit harmful radiation. Similarly, ecollar technology has come a very long way, so has ecollar training technique. It makes no sense to use an olden day ecollar as a standard to attack the ecollar we use today. The ecollar that I use is made by ecollar technology (www.ecollar.com). It is a very high quality product. I do not use nor recommend any of the cheap import ecollar or the ones sold in big box stores. Speaking from first hand experience, ecollar when used properly will not shut down a dog or cause the dog to live in fear and pain. Ecollar runs on a tiny battery and will never burn the fur or skin of a dog. Ecollar is not designed solely to shock a dog any more than a slip lead is to suffocate a dog or a gentle leader is to twist the neck of a dog. I do not use the term "shock collar" for the same reason I do not call a slip lead a suffocate lead or a gentle leader a neck twister leader. Since most if not all the people who are against ecollar that I have spoken to have never actually trained any dog with ecollar, and a lot of people I have spoken to have never met a dog that has been trained with one, I have decided to share my first hand experience by making this little video to show what dogs that have been trained with low level ecollar training look like with their ecollars on. All my own personal dogs are trained with ecollar. Look at them now. These dogs came with a long list of problems. They were living in lots of stress and anxiety before. Ecollar has allowed me to break through the cloudiness and communicate with them clearly. It has completely transformed their life for the better. They are living in a much healthier mental, emotional, and physical stage than they ever have. That is why I train all my own personal dogs with low level ecollar training. That is why I recommend ecollar to all those who want nothing but the very best for their own dogs.

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