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  • Richard Chan

I dont put my friend in a crate!

Many people do not understand why we need structure and leadership in a dog's life. "My dog is my friend, l dont keep my friend in a crate!" Or "l dont order my friend around." What they dont understand is that dogs have a craving for leadership and structure. Often a dog's anxiety greatly subsides and his behavior great improves within 48 hours after structure and leadership have been established. A working dog was bred to respect leadership and follow a clear set of rules, he was bred to perform a specific job based on these rules given to him by his leader. A working dog will feel very lost and confused if he does not know what he is supposed to do, or who to follow and listen to. A working dog is genetically programmed to respect his leader, listen to his instruction, and work for him with great motivation. With leadership and structure comes security and stability, which is really important for a pack animal. Most of the breeds we have now were bred to work at one point or another. It is in their DNA to follow leadership and work under a clearly defined structure. The problem arises when they go to a household without any such leadership nor structure and all they do is being fussed around like a human baby all day long. Without any structure and leadership to fulfill their work drive and pack drive they become un-balanced, confused, and insecure. Not everyone can give their dog a job such as search and rescue or herding but we can all help our dogs feel more secured and fulfilled by introducing and maintaining structure and leadership in their lives.


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