• Richard Chan

I have spent a fortune on her!

Many dogs are so imbalanced and anxious but if they look "excited" once in a while people think they are fine.

Many dogs are sadly an accessory to feed the human's emotional need, nothing more.

They are being treated like stuffed animals always standing by to provide hugs and kisses.

Nowadays, it is hard to offer advice to people on respecting dogs like dogs--not as human babies--because many people will ask "then why should l have a dog?"

A dog becomes something people selfishly process to use to satisfy their own emotional needs.

They do not bother to walk their dogs or exercise their dogs. They do not take up responsibility to learn how to communicate with their dogs properly. They think as long as they pay the dog's bills they are very loving dog owners.

Many think they can just pay someone else to do all the "dirty work" of walking and training and baby sitting so they can just hug and kiss and sleep with their dogs. But it is actually very selfish and irresponsible. And these dogs are suffering which is clearly reflected in their problematic behaviour.

Dogs are seriously lost and confused without a solid balanced relationship with their owners.

They are constantly anxious or over-excited. They cannot live a balanced life because their owners do not care about providing them with one.

Love should work both ways. Dogs give to their owners the love their human crave day after day; but many dogs never have their own emotional and psychological needs met in return during their entire life.



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