• Richard Chan

The Importance of a Timely Release

Several clients have asked me to show them what l do to train my own dog to walk on a loose leash next to me during our regular walk.

I basically just communicate with my dog via my body, my words, and ecollar tap. I keep my leash very loose so there is basically no tension.

By not clouding the communication with leash/collar pressure, my dog learns to pay close attention to and respect the sensation from her ecollar. In turn, my dog gets to feel the contrast between tension and relaxation and learns to seek the position of relaxation and pays attention to me upon feeling tension.

I know a lot of new users of ecollar may feel a bit awkward with pressing the button instead of pulling on the leash because they are so used to using leash pops to communicate. By using a very loose leash and trying to use only ecollar pressure and release to communicate you will be surprise how gentle and soft you can be to get your dog's attention.

It is easier for most people to release the ecollar button than to release their leash completely. Focusing on when to release can greatly improve your timing.

My objective has always been helping and guiding my dog to find and stay in the position of no tension/no pressure.

In the beginning you may need the help of the leash and ecollar tap quite often--and that is absolutely normal--but with more practice of going lighter and lighter on the leash--and paying more attention on the release of both leash and ecollar pressure--you will see some drastic improvement on your leash skill and your dog's manner on the walk.

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