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Why can't I just let my dog run in the park?

Why should I train my dog? Why can't I just let her run in the park?

Training is very important because it is the common language that both the dog and human can understand.

Just like learning a new language in school, the more we practice, the better we will become. Similarly, the more we spend time training our dogs, the better we will understand each other.

Training should be very fun, it is something the dog should really look forward to.

By making it a lot of fun to listen to you to do what you ask, the dog is conditioned to love engaging in you--he learns that listening to you is fun and rewarding so he will love to do it again and again.

Training also help to expand and develop your dog's potential and encourage him to get out of his comfort zone so your dog will learn to trust you as he builds his confidence.

Spend some time to train your dog everyday. Short sessions multiple times a day will really make a difference. Look at it like a date with a loved one and make it very enjoyable and fun for both of you.


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