• Richard Chan

Where is Heel?

I would like to show another clip of what l do with my dogs during their meal time.

I do not like to just put a bowl full of food in front of them. I want eating and training to be a really exciting, challenging, and fun time of their days.

I also believe that when you spend lots of time training them with their food you can develop a much better relationship with them.

Listening and trying to figure out what you want becomes a fun and rewarding experience; following your commands becomes something they look forward to.

This way, training is not a chore that is based on confrontation but a fun and rewarding game that they can participate in through which they can earn their food.

In this short clip, l was using Spot's food to play with her the "where is heel?" game.

She needs to find and stay in the heel position no matter which way l was facing or which direction l was heading.

This exercise will help with focus and on/off leash heeling tremendously. It is an engagement building exercise that can be extended to help many other areas, it is not just about heeling.

Spot loves this drill. Try this with your dogs, they will probably enjoy it, too.

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