• Richard Chan

Help! My dog wants to kill my cat!

Many people are having a hard time introducing their cats and dogs to each other. A common mistake is that many owners want their cats and dogs to cuddle with each other as best buddies right away.

Even two dogs often need time and space before they will accept each other. Let's not forget cats and dogs are two different species. It is perfectly reasonable that they may not become best buddies on first sight.

I always take my time and make sure l advocate for both parties when l make an introduction. I do not force anyone to sniff or say hi; l just make sure they are both feeling safe and advocated for so they can decide when they want to reach out. When they do, l make sure it happens in such a way that no one would feel bullied, invaded, harassed...

My job is not to push them to like each other. To advocate for both parties means l may need to pull one party away if the approach is too quick and "in your face" so the other party will not be stressed. My job is to get ready to "pull" instead of "push."

When both parties feel comfortable and they are curious, they will say hi. I will supervise the meeting to make sure no one is moving in too fast with any threatening gesture. I will continue to act as their advocate so the meeting can stay positive.

If one or both parties are anxious and show no interest, l will just leave it.

I will not force them to be best friends. It is important to respect them and let them open up at their own pace. 

Take your time so they can develop a positive perception of each other without feeling too much pressure. Have lots of patience so the relationship is built solidly upon a good first impression. Be respectful and sensitive. This is not about you. Please do not rush it.

Hope this helps.


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