• Richard Chan

Are you a cool parent?

"My dog needs a friend."

"My dog needs to go to the dog park because he has to be tired out."

Yes, your dog needs a friend and he needs exercise.

But you know what...

You can be and should be that friend, and you are the one who will give him the exercise he needs.

You can share your life with your dog and take him with you to places that you go to, e.g. the bank, the park, the gym, the shopping mall, the beach, the ocean...

You can enrich your dog's life while building a great relationship by engaging in activities which is centred around you.

You can take him to experience life while rewarding him to focus on you and ignore other people and dogs.

You remain your dog's focal point and your dog learns that being with you is really cool.

If you have a dog who doesn't listen to you, ask yourself this question, " when does my dog have the most fun - when he is around me or away from me?"

If you want a dog that listens to you at all time, show him it is fun when he is around you, teach him it is awesome when he listens to you, and build in him the habit of always expecting the most interesting things from you.

Do not encouraging him to have fun while ignoring you. Do not let him think that great things come from someone other than you. Do not let him believe that listening to you means the end of fun.

You may say, no, l never tell my dog these things.

Are you sure?

If you allow your dog to pull you to say hi, to demand that you let him drag you to a human so he can get petted, and if the only time you become relevant to your dog in a dog park is when you put a leash on him to go home, then l am sorry but you are doing exactly that.

You are telling your dog that other dogs and people are much more interesting than you. You are teaching your dog staying next to you sucks and the way to have more fun is to drag you. You are showing your dog that great things come from the other dog/human and you and your leash are keeping him from having a good time.

You are like the boring parents that teenagers hate.

Why would your dog pay attention to you if that is how he perceives you?

Do fun stuff with your dog. Make sure you are the source of great games, fun experience, and awesome rewards.

Be that cool parent that every teenager wants so your dog will want to be with you, want to listen to you, and want to focus on you.


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