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Out of control dogs

When you have a dog that you cannot take out on a walk because he is just ridiculously out of control, you most certainly have a dog who is also ridiculously out of control inside your home.

To have a well behaved dog, training has to start from inside your home.

A lot of people just let their dogs run free in their homes. They struggle with the concept of leashing their dogs inside; they do not want to crate their dogs; they do not spend time training their dogs inside their homes.

Inside their homes, they spend all their time playing, hugging, and petting their dogs which gets their dogs used to being very aroused constantly without any awareness of boundary and structure - then they put a leash on the dog, take him out into a world full of excitement, and wonder why he acts like a wild horse?

If all you ever do with your dog is associated with extreme excitement (horse play inside, and going to the dog park outside), your dog is always really excited when he is around you. Without teaching him how to calm down, he will not know how to do it. 

To teach him how to stay calm, you need to start the training in a place with less distraction, which is why you need to start training in your home. 

You need to start by presenting yourself differently - you are a source of stability and calmness rather than high energy and extreme excitement; you are not all about misplaced affection and horse play but direction, guidance, and structure.

Many owners spend all their time telling their dogs what to do outside (i.e. how to walk, stop eating off the ground, don't chase squirrel...) but once they are back home they just let their dogs do whatever they want.

To make things easier for you and your dog, you should do it the other way around. Teach your dog what to do inside your house first so when you take him out, you will have a much easier time telling him what to do when he is walking next to you with a calm, engaged, and respectful attitude.

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