• Richard Chan

Singer with no sound tracks...

Why do l put so many videos out on my facebook page?

For one, owners really miss their dogs and it makes them happier to see their dogs not just in a still photo but doing stuff, running around, improving, in videos, multiple times a day, so they can share the journey vicariously.

Moreover, it brings hope to other people with the same issues to know that their dogs can also improve and be transformed.

Furthermore, dog behaviour cannot be faked.

If l put the videos of a dog on a facebook timeline since day 1 and the dog does not improve, imagine how bad that would make me look.

One has to be very confident in his ability to post videos everyday during the rehab of a dog with lots of issues.

Pictures can be faked, Internet reviews can be made up, certification can be purchased, talk is cheap, anyone can copy and paste a lot of fancy text and put them on a web site...but videos showing the actual changes of a dog is not fake and there is no short cut. The dog will not lie for anyone.

Besides, if l were looking for a dog trainer, videos will be what l look for. I want to watch with my own eyes how the trainer trains, how the dog responds to the trainer, and whether he can actually get real result that works in the real world.

If l was a singer, why wouldn't l put my songs out there for everyone to hear?

If l wanted to convince you l could really sing, l can show you my flashy music degrees, l can talk about fancy music theories - but until you actually hear me sing, you don't know if l am any good. The best way for you to judge how good a singer l am is to actually watch me perform.

If a dog trainer is good at what he does, what better way to show the world his ability than to share his work for the world to see?

If an owner wants to know whether a trainer can actually deliver what he promises, ask to see proof.

If a trainer wants to help owners to feel more comfortable, if a trainer wants to help potential clients to make an informed and educated decision, what better way to do it then putting lots of videos out to show unedited raw footages of his work?


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