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  • Richard Chan

The lost art of loose leash walking

Teaching a dog how to walk on a loose leash is something every dog owner should do. A loose leash walk is more than just a walk without pulling; it is a reflection on the mentality of a dog who is balanced, content, relaxed, engaged, and calm. It is also a great testimony on the commitment, dedication, and responsibility of the owner. It is always a great joy to see a dog who can just walk past another dog (even the barking lunging ones) calmly on a loose leash. Loose leash is seldom taught and rarely seen these days. In the olden days, when we got a dog, we took the time to teach the dog to walk properly on leash; now, we often see people spending lots of money on buying products to make sure their dogs can pull comfortably. A relaxed owner walking a relaxed dog on a loose leash right next to him/her is an oddity rather than a norm. Dogs should display a peaceful and fulfilled mentality while paying close attention to the owner out on the walk. A loose leash is a by product of this healthy mentality. Dogs should not be really anxious, over-stimulated, and agitated. It is like seeing a very hyper child who can't stop screaming and yelling in a mall. It is not good for the child; it is not healthy nor normal. Instead of finding a more comfortable harness for your dog to pull in, please invest in teaching your dog loose leash walking so you can stop worrying about pulling. Develop a great walk, be one with your dog, and you will find a whole new level of bonding and understanding with your dog. You will experience a much healthier and closer relationship and your dog will be happier. A loose leash walk is not the end goal, a great relationship is. The walk is the gateway to and also the by product of such a great relationship.


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