• Richard Chan

Abusive spouse

Loving your dog is not only about constantly kissing and hugging your dog. It is not about simply giving your dogs unlimited freedom. If you have a dog who is struggling with lots of issues, you need to help your dog through those struggles. Hugs and kisses and free roaming alone will not do it. Not only that, it usually makes things worst. Imagine if you are in an abusive relationship and the other person is constantly abusing you physically and emotionally. There is no respect. The person never cares about your feelings. He does whatever he feels like and you are always hurt. Will you lavish this person with hugs and kisses to try to change his behaviour? Will he stop abusing you because you give him lots of freedom to do to you whatever he likes? If he can get everything he wants by treating you like trash, why would he want to change? When you have a dog who bites you, who growls at your children, who totally ignores you, who destroys your house, who would not let you touch their toys, food..., you have a dog who shows no respect to you. You will not get this dog's respect by giving him lots of affection and freedom; on the contrary, doing so will only reward and reinforce his inappropriate behaviour and make things worst. Kissing and hugging a dog often make us feel really good. But it is not always the best thing for your dog, especially if your dog is disrespectful to you. Please implement structure in your dog's life, teach your dog rules and boundary, show him how to be accountable for his decision, so he will know how to make better choices. Loving a dog is about doing what is best for him. Life inclusion is the ultimate reward and that cannot be achieved if the dog keeps making terrible decisions. When you have a dog who respects you, you can share hugs and kisses and freedom. It will be a harmonious relationship whereas everyone will have a great time. But until then, please do not prematurely shower your aggressive/reactive/anxious dog with nothing but affection and freedom.


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