• Richard Chan

What is the goal of family pet dog training?

Train your dog well. What is the goal? For pet owners, l would say how about try to have your dog well behaved to the point where no one even notice you have a dog? We see so many compulsive, attention seeking, and strangers/dog obsessive dogs out in public, many actually think that is what dogs are supposed to be like - lunging, jumping, rushing up to people and dogs, barking like crazy from their yards...

But that is not true. If your dog is well trained, he/she should be able to go anywhere with you and act stealth. Going out with your dog should be a very enjoyable and peaceful experience that does not involves constantly seeking attention from or causing disturbance to other people/dogs. Your dog should be able to focus on you and stay calm in public with proper training. When your dog is trained, you should never need to yield "my dog is friendly" or "he just wants to say hi". 


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