• Richard Chan

Best protection you can offer your dog...

Living in Canada we don't have July 4th firework but l would like to share with you my thought after readings so many posts on social media about how lots of dogs ran away and how we should all tire our dogs out and hide and lock them away to protect them. We should protect our dogs. I am all for it. But is locking them up and keeping them as far away from firework as possible the best way to protect them? I actually drove across the border to a small town in the US called Point Roberts with Anja and Sadie during July 4th to watch the firework. I also took them to see the firework during Halloween. They were fine. I am not bragging or attacking anyone. I just want to let everyone know that it can actually be done. I could have them off leash and they wouldn't run away. They did not love it but they could certainly cope with it well enough so l did not need to worry they might run away and get hit by a car or get lost. To me, that was a much better way to "protect" them than to try bubble wrap and blindfold them whenever there is firework. What if l had an oversight and the dogs got out of the house or the car during a firework event? If l have not fully prepared them to handle the firework on their own, how are they protected then? What is the best way to protect a child from drowning? Is that by living as far away from the water as possible and never let them set foot in a river or ocean? I would rather teach my children how to swim so they can help themselves if they ever fall into the ocean or river. Dogs are really capable if we let them reach their full potential. But how far they can go is up to us. They can certainly deal with lots of stimulus if we take the time and effort to show and prepare them for it. It takes time, and energy, and lots of effort. If you have a very fearful dog it may take you many months. But if you really want to protect your dog, if you really want to do everything you can to make sure your dog is safe around firework, then, in my opinion, the best protection you can offer your dog is to equip your dog to deal with it, instead of doing everything you can to avoid it. If you equip your dogs to be as strong as possible, they will be safer and happier for it. 


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