• Richard Chan

It can't be any more complex even if l try!

There are many dog training methods out there - some sound really good and some not so much. Anyone can write a lot about why he/she is the best trainer, and why someone else is really bad. I know it can be very confusing. But it does not have to be. Actually, there are only basically two training methods, namely, one the works in the real world, and one that doesn't. You need a method that stays working in the real world around real distractions - at your home, on your streets, in your yard, with your guests, past other random reactive dogs, around running screaming children..etc. I know there are so many complex training theories on the Internet and they can be really hard to understand. Bottom line is you are paying to be able to enjoy your life with your dog as soon as possible; not to spend the rest of your life training your dog in isolation. So, instead of combing through all these hard to understand theories and spending hours reading pages of text, l would suggest you to simply look at the dogs trained by the trainer. It is the best proof as to whether this trainer knows what he/she is doing or not. Dogs will not lie for anyone. It will also tell you if this trainer has any experience dealing with the struggle that you are having. Looking at how the dogs look and what they have become is a very easy and straight forward way for you to gauge if you want this trainer to work with your dog. Is the dog making progress? Is the dog happy? Does the dog look better after a reasonable time frame? Would you like your dog to look like that? Any trainer who has confidence in his/her ability will not hesitate to show his/her work. Why not? It is the best and most honest proof. Unlike many things that can be purchased or edited, dogs will not lie for anyone. Their behaviour is the best review. Dog training does not have to be extremely complicated; if it works, the result should be really straight forward for the world to see. 


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