• Richard Chan

Do you want a gold digger?

Dogs should not only work for you or listen to you when you give him food. It does not matter whether the dog was bred for whatever purposes, all dogs can be taught to listen and be motivated even if you have left your treat pouch at home. If you need to give your husband $100 every time you ask him to take out the garbage bin or else he will completely ignore you - will you say you have a great loving relationship with your husband? Will you think it is normal? Many owners have been led to believe that it is normal and acceptable to have this you-pay-me-or-l-won't-listen attitude from their dogs. The reasoning is that workers only work when they get paid so we should pay our dogs for them to work for us. Problem is most workers who insists on only working when getting paid are not working for the love of their jobs; they are working to get paid so they can pay their bills and buy things that they love. And a lot of workers do not love their bosses enough to spend more time than is necessary with them. They can't wait to go home once their shifts are over. Is that what we want our dogs to feel about us? With our dogs, we want them to love their work. Most importantly, we want them to love being with us. The motivation should not be compared to the worker who works for a boss whom he is not too fond of but has to tolerate because he needs the money to pay his bills; our relationship with our dogs should be like that between two persons who are madly in love. I love my wife and l would do things for her willingly. I would even pay to spend time with her (take her out to movies, dinners...) When you have a very good relationship, your dogs should love being with you. They should love to spend time with you. You are the reward. They should not only pay attention when you have a fillet mignon in your hand. Do not train a dog to become a "gold digger". If you don't want to have a relationship with a girl who will only go out with you because of your car; then you should not think it is okay to have a dog who will only listen when you have food. Food is great for training, but it should not be the must-have for you to get a dog to listen to you. Your dog should be motivated to listen because being with you is the ultimate reward. Don't accept a gold digger relationship. You deserve much better!

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