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  • Richard Chan

I thought my dog was fixed!

Everything that your dog does or does not do with you will depend on your relationship with your dog. How does your dog look at you? If you are not someone she feels she needs to listen to, why should she listen to you? Just because your dog knows how to do something does not mean she will do it when you ask her to. Through training of the dog, we will teach the dog what she is supposed to do, and let her know how to respect, trust, and follow her human. When we have achieved a certain standard with the dog, we will then start training the human owner with the dog. This training will teach the owner how to use the new tools and apply the new techniques to communicate with the dog in a more systematic and effective manner, most importantly, it will change how the dog perceives the human. The human owner will also learn how to interact with the dog in such a way that the dog will find him/her respectable and trustworthy so she will respect the new leadership and listen. Once a mutually respectful and trusting relationship is established, the behaviour of the dog in front of the owner will change. As the owner keeps applying the new technique and structure consistently, the relationship will improve and the behaviour of the dog in front of the owner will improve. On the other hand, if the owner does not change, the relationship with the dog will not change, and the dog will not respect nor trust the owner. Contrary to what most people think, lots of aggressive, reactive, and fearful dogs are not that way because of abuse but rather a severe lack of the important elements that all good dog-human relationship must consist of: direction, respect, and trust. Until the relationship has changed, these important elements will continue to be missing. Therefore, owners' commitment and dedication to reset and work on establishing a new relationship through applying new daily structure and training in order to change the way their dogs perceive them is really the key to the successful rehabilitation.


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