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  • Richard Chan

My puppy is out of control!

Puppy owners often told me they could not get their puppies to calm down until they have given the puppies lots of exercise. This is a common problem with puppy owners. A lot of it has to do with the energy and behaviour of the people around the puppy. It is largely about how they live with the puppy. If they are always showing excitement (o look at him, come to me, l miss you so much, give me a kiss...) and rewarding the puppy with attention and affection whenever the puppy responds with highly stimulated response (jumping, humping, barking, nipping...), they are teaching this puppy that being hyper is a very good thing. If that is basically all they do whenever they see this puppy, of course the puppy is going to be very excited and out of control. Many puppies grow up to become out of control dogs with lots of problems because they were never taught how to behave properly. They cannot behave properly if they are always hyper. It is impossible for a dog to make the right decision at a highly aroused mental state.. They will always be hyper if their owners are always very emotional and hyper around them. A puppy is a blank piece of paper and it is up to us what we write on this paper. But please remember before you starting writing that not everything we write on this paper can be erased completely. We cannot just let our emotion dictate our response. We need to think with our head, not our emotion. We need to have discipline and look at the big picture. A puppy may be very cute now but he is not so cute any more when he becomes a big dog that does not listen and cannot go anywhere without giving everyone a hard time. Many such dogs are given to shelters or re-homed by the time they are a year old. If they are not, they end up spending the majority of their time in a yard isolated from the outside world. We cannot be selfish. A puppy does not exist to satisfy our need for a fur baby to coddle. A puppy needs our guidance to grow up to become a happy dog. It is entirely up to us how we raise this puppy. You are not a grandmother who is here to just spoil your grand child with candies and toys, you are a teacher and your job is to teach this puppy to become a well behaved dog who can be trusted and included in our life. It is not an easy job. It requires lots of dedication and patience. Most importantly, for lots of owners, it requires them to stop acting emotional and be rational. Cutdown on arousal and excitement, stop giving the puppy tones of affection and attention just because he is cute, limit his freedom while teaching him the proper rules and boundaries, show him what is right and what is wrong instead of just show him you love him with constant affection, learn how to be calm and aloof in front of your puppy so he can be content without constant attention, teach him how to be calm and relax, teach him his decisions matter, empower him to make the right decision, be a strong and trustworthy person rather than just a soft emotional being so your puppy will learn to trust and count on you...take your time to build a proper leader/follower relationship which is mutually respectful instead of spending your time just playing and coddling, so you will not look back and regret what you have done when you cannot live with your dog after he is all grown up. It is not that the puppy is out of control; more often than not, it is the people around the puppy who are.

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