• Richard Chan

The dog looks so sad!

What is a happy dog? A content dog is a happy dog. A content dog is relaxed and he has control of his emotion. He is not constantly trying to get more and do more, but he is happy with what he has and he is at peace with himself. An over stimulated dog is not a content dog. An over stimulated dog is the opposite. He is out of control, always trying to get more and want more. He is a dog who is constantly at a very aroused mental state that he cannot control. He is a dog who is not at peace with himself. He is always demanding and wanting more because he is not balanced and he is not fulfilled. We see over stimulated dogs all the time. Lots of people think such an overstimulated dog is a happy dog. But ... these dogs also often display lots of reactivity or anxiety related issues which a truly balanced and stable dog will not exhibit. We don’t see content and calm dogs too often. A content dog is one who has inner peace. He is confident, calm, and has great self control. Such a dog will walk by another dog without going nuts, he does not need attention from each and every person in order to be “happy” because he is already content, fulfilled, and balanced. Such a dog is happy whether he is playing or just chilling. Most people don’t have this dog. Most people don’t see this dog. You won’t likely find this dog in the dog park. All you will see are over stimulated dogs who are really...well...over stimulated. Because we see over stimulated dogs so often, we tend to think that is what happy dogs should look like. If these dogs are so happy, why do they lunge at other dogs, why do they whine so bad when their owners are gone, why do they chew everything in the house, why do they nip their owner’s hand, why do they go crazy when someone is at the door, why do they bark non stop at everything...? And sadly, when people do see a content dog, they often think the dog must be sad, when he is actually much happier than the other “happy” dog who cannot stop jumping, barking, lunging...


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