• Richard Chan

My dog room set up

Someone asked me about my dog room and the crates l am using in the dog room after watching my dog room videos. I like to answer that question here. I have 3 rooms for dogs downstairs in my house. My own dogs are staying in one room and they stay in just regular wire crates (48”). I have 5 crates in the board and train dog room for client dogs who are here for board and train. This room is monitored 24/7 and is right next to my bedroom so if anything happens - even in the middle of the night - l will and can get to it right away. This room is heated in winter and air conditioned in summer. It also has a dehumidifier and 2 air purifiers running pretty much all year round. The 5 crates are very solid and secured high quality crates which are built for maximum safety and durability. I have 2 from Zinger (5000 and 4500), 2 from Ironman (large), and 1 from Gunner (intermediate). The other room is where some of the boarding dogs stay if the board and train room is full. This room is right next to the board and train dog room. I also use this room for dogs who may be very nervous around other dogs or is recovering from some healthy issues who need lots of privacy and rest. I have a Gunner and 2 Zinger crates in this room. I invested in these crates because l want to do everything l can to make sure everyone is as secured, comfortable, and safe as possible during their stay. I like aluminum crates because they can help to keep the dogs cooler in summer and l can see the dogs very clearly through the monitor at all time. The Gunner is a very thick and heavy crate. Some anxious dogs seem to find the more subdue and enclosed environment a bit more calming when they first arrive, which is why l use that. I also use Gunner kennels in the car for transporting the dogs. Gunner kennels have been crush tested and are top rated in keeping a dog safe during an accident. I hope this answers the questions about the dog room and crates l use. Thank you.

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