• Richard Chan

Your dog is copying you

Your dog copies you. If you don’t want your dog to pull you to every dog he sees on the street, ask yourself, “am l obsessive about saying hi to other dogs?” When you are obsessive about “saying hi”, your puppy will become obsessive, too. When your dog has a behavioural issue, look into yourself. Dig deep and be honest. You may be surprise to find that you are displaying the same emotional response to the trigger as your dog. One very common problem is separation anxiety. If your dog cannot live without velcroing to you at all time, please ask yourself, “what do l do and how do l feel when l am not right next to my dog?” Do you feel very upset, uncomfortable, worried, and even cry when you cannot see your dog? Do you act very emotional once you see your dog again - even when you are only separated for a very short period of time? How can you expect your dog to act any different if that is all he has observed? If your dog loves to demand attention with constant barking and whining, please take a look at your own behaviour - do you demand their attention all the time, too? Can you leave them alone? If you can’t, how can you expect them to? Our dogs are constantly observing us and learning from us. If we want to stop a behavioural problem, perhaps we should stop ourself from reacting the same way in those situations first. Without changing our own mindset and behaviour in front of our dogs, we will only creat constant confrontation if we expect our dogs to change what they have learned and copied from us.


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