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  • Richard Chan

How do l make lots of money training dogs?

Someone said to me “l want to be a dog trainer. I want to make lots of money. What do you think l need?” First of all, l am not making a lot of money. So, I am really not in the position to offer anyone business advice on how to make lots of money. All l can say is this: I think you need to be very passionate about what you do. In order to be good at something, you need to really love doing it. I really love talking to clients. I can go on for hours. Those who have come to my place for lessons or consultation can probably attest to that. Lol And l love training dogs. I don’t just love training dogs myself, but l love watching others do it, l love to learn how others do it, and l love showing others how to do it. I am not in any position to offer business advice on how to make lots of money; but if l may share my humble opinion with you, l want to tell you: please choose dog training because you really love it. If you are not super passionate about training dogs, please don’t try to be a dog trainer just because you think you will make lots of money. If you are not crazy about training dogs, if you are not passionate about educating people, you will probably feel miserable. Please choose this career only because training dogs and educating owners is what you want to do more than anything else. Please don’t just follow the money - follow your passion, and the rest will come. Thank you.



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