• Richard Chan

Dogs are not Disney characters

If strangers would stop saying hi to puppies, if owners would stop encouraging their puppies to say hi to other stranger dogs. If we stop paying attention to other people’s dogs, if we can just ignore dogs we see in public. We will see much better behaved dogs in our society and we will see more well socialized dogs. There is a little pet shop in my little town. The manager has, without exception, completely ignored every single dog l have taken into her store. She is very friendly and nice to me, extremely helpful and polite - and she never once gave my dog any eye contact, never once talked to my dog in baby voice, never once asked if she could give my dog a cookie, and she even respected my dog’s space and walked around us if l happened to meet her face to face with my dog in an aisle. I cannot tell you how impressed l have been with her. What a knowledgeable person she is! I have been going there a lot. There is another pet store across the street. I have only been there twice. First time l went in, an off leash dog bolted towards us. It was the worker’s dog. “Don’t worry, he is friendly! What? Is your dog not friendly?” Second time l walked in, the girl started screaming “o she is so cute” once she saw my dog. We were still at the door, without even making any eye contact with me, she took out a bag of treats, ran right up to inches away from the face of my dog, stared my dog in the eyes, and started talking to my dog in baby voice. I stopped her before she could touch my dog. “What’s wrong? Is she sick?” I never went back to the store. There is a very strange dog culture in North America. It is like everyone is living in a fairy tale expecting dogs to be Disney characters. I look forward to the day when parents will say to their children “please don’t disturb that dog.” And l hope l can see the day when all pet shops have managers who know how to ignore and respect dogs.


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