• Richard Chan

I will have a brand new dog, right?

Dog training and staying healthy are very similar. You want a good and healthy body, you need to keep yourself fit and have self discipline on what you eat, how to maintain a good schedule.... If you slack off, eat nothing but junk, sit on your sofa all day, you will go out of shape. A trainer can give you a “6-pack”; but you need to keep it up or else your “6-pack” can turn back into a keg belly. On the other hand, if you keep at it, you can have an 8 pack. Similarly, if you want a good dog, you need to keep the training up by implementing the new structure and follow your trainer’s recommendations. A trainer can give you a transformed dog, but you also need to make some changes in how you live with your “new” dog in order for the training to stay. If you go back to living with your dog the “old way”, your dog will regress to the way he was. On the other hand, if you keep at it, your dog will thrive and become even better than when he just finished his training.


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