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These are awesome but l can’t wait to get rid of them!

Someone asked me a question that l have been asked many times. I like to take this opportunity to address this in public. Q: lf l put a prong/ecollar on my dogs, do they need to wear them forever? How long before l can remove them completely? A: Many dogs have to wear a flat collar, martingale, harness, or a halti during their entire life. But for some reason, people don’t think there is anything wrong with that. But once they see a prong collar or an ecollar, they want to know when they can have those removed ASAP. Ecollar and prong collars are like training wheels. They can help the owners to do what they have tried to do for so long but could not do before. These tools are chosen because they are the most gentle, humane, and effective. They are not the only things that work; they are the best things that work. Many dogs could never walk without pulling or reacting until the day they passed. They had a limited life because they could not be taken to lots of places due to how out of control they were. These dogs were wearing different training collars such as martingale, flat collar...or harness - they could never stop wearing them - and even when they were wearing those, they were still struggling. But l have not heard anyone say “l can’t wait to remove that harness from my reactive dog!” When can a dog stop wearing a gentle leader, a flat collar, a harness, ecollar, prong, choker...? I can’t tell you. It depends on your relationship with your dog. But the beauty is, even when you have not gotten that super engaged relationship, you can still take your dog everywhere and enjoy spending time with him because ecollar/prong collar can help you to have much better control and help your dog to have a much better state of mind. As you keep taking your dog every where, your dog will become more confident and trusting of you, and you will have a much better relationship with your well behaved dog, so you can take this dog to even more places that you will not even dream of going before. You will have more confidence in handling your dog, and your dog will become more engaged and trusting of you. You can start a cycle that will get you to enjoy spending time with your dog in all sorts of fun places with lesser and lesser stress. Why would anyone say no to that? Why would anyone say “these have been really helpful but l cant wait to take them off?” If you really want to give your dog the best life possible, shouldn’t you say, “can l please hold on to them for as long as l need them because they have made my dog’s life awesome!

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