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The most important thing about aggression rehab.

I have seen lots of dogs that have been trained by "aggressive dogs experts" who look really scared of making any mistake. When I look at a dog, I usually look at the relationship the dog has with the human first before anything else.

Just because someone has worked with many aggressive dogs this way does not make him an aggression expert. Because dog training is not just about suppressing a behavior.

How about trying to understand the dog, and bring out the best potential of the dog based on the dog's personality and temperament?

How about helping the dog to be the best he can be, rather than what we want him to be or what we think he should be?

Many trainers I have seen would want to train all dogs to look and act the same way.

There is a time and place for everything. Each dog is his own person. You need to know the dog very well, and work with the dog in a way that earns the dog's trust and respect, so you can have a dog that improves under your guidance.

If you keep trying to mold your dog into something he is not, he will not trust you at a very deep level.

Without that relationship, you may have problem one day when your dog just lashes out and attacks without warning. Why? Because your dog does not really respect nor trust you. You are important but not really that important when it comes to that certain situation when the dog feels a bit too threatened or stressed. This dog does not fully believe in looking to you for protection/direction 100%.

If your dog does not have some serious issues you may not really see the importance of this relationship I am talking about. But if you have say an aggressive dog, this is really crucial.

I handle a lot of aggressive and anxious dogs on a regular basis. The reason why I can have all these dogs co-existing under the same roof calmly and peacefully is because of this relationship.

I dont expect them to be the same. I dont expect them to do the same thing. I know them and understand them individually, and I teach their owners how to read and understand their dogs.

The first step to build this relationship is to let the dog know you will not put undue pressure on the dog to mold him into something he does not like to be unnecessarily. You dont push the dog unnecessarily before the dog is ready.

When your dog knows he can fully trust you, you can then slowly change the dog at the right pace.

Knowing when to push and when to hold is really important. Without this knowledge, you will not have that deep trusting relationship with your dog. This relationship is what separates someone who only suppresses vs someone who can actually change the way a dog thinks.

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