• Richard Chan

My thought on dog park

Why would you even think of subjecting your beloved dog to this kind of madness? I don’t take my dogs into any dog park. My Berner, Cassie, has never set foot in a dog park in her entire life. I have never let her say hi to another dog on the street either. Never ever. She is excellent at reading and interacting with dogs. Not going to a dog park will not make a dog aggressive, reactive, or fearful of dogs. Going to a dog park, on the other hand, may. I sometimes train dogs outside of a dog park. I can’t remember the last time l saw a well trained and well behaved dog in a dog park. I can’t remember the last time l saw an owner with a reasonable level of control of his/her dog in a dog park. Dog park can also be very unsanitary. The dogs your dog sniffs and shares a water bowl with could be sick. I have never seen anyone sanitize a dog park, have you? Dogs, including those that are sick, are peeing and pooping in those places regularly. They constantly cough, sneeze and sniff other dogs when they are there. There is no way to monitor or check these dogs we know nothing about. Let’s not forget some people like to bring their dog aggressive dogs to dog parks just to see if may be their dogs are good with other dogs. When one dog attacks, it can start an avalanche and next thing you know, 20 dogs are rolling and killing each other in a ball. How many of those people standing next to you in the dog park do you think are experts in separating a dog fight? I have lost count on how many times an owner told me his/her dog was attacked in a dog park. These people don’t go back to tell you why dog parks are bad. They just stop going. And they all told me they wished someone had told them not to go there before their dogs developed serious behaviour issues. 


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