• Richard Chan

Most common puppy mistake

Q: What is the most common mistake you see puppy owners make? A: l will have to say giving the puppy too much freedom. When the puppy is young, she is not ready for freedom. Unlimited freedom only gives the puppy unlimited opportunities to learn bad habits. The time we give the puppy to learn bad habits could have been better spent in training the puppy to become more attentive and respectful. The freedom hours where the puppy receives no guidance from us could have been better spent in teaching the puppy important life skills. Letting her do whatever she wants is not true freedom; it is like giving a 5 years old the key to your car - it is called being irresponsible. Be your puppy’s teacher. Implement structure and boundary early on so your puppy knows she needs to be accountable for her decisions. This way, when your puppy becomes a dog, she will be a great dog who knows how to make the right decisions, and that is when you can trust her with great freedom. 


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