• Richard Chan

Your dog is only doing this to avoid consequence.

Many people think teaching a dog consequence is tantamount to abuse. “Your dog only do that because he wants to avoid the consequence of not doing it?” When a dog knows how to make better decisions, he is a dog who is in control of his surrounding, a dog who is content and confident, a dog who has a deep understanding of the world, a dog who is matured and independent - he is a thinking dog whom we can trust and rely on. When a dog does not know how to make better decisions, he is confused, anxious, frustrated, he needs to cling on to his human in order to feel safe, he has no idea why he needs to think before he acts, he is not a dog who is allowed to reach his full potential - he is not a dog we can trust in the real world. Consequence is direction. Consequence is guidance. Consequence is clear communication. Consequence is a gift. Love and consequence are not mutually exclusive. They compliment each other. If you love your dog, don’t be afraid to teach your dog how to make better choices by introducing to him the concept of consequence. Consequence clarifies everything for your dog so he can live a great life with you. Check out my blog! https://www.perfectcompanionk9.com/single-post/2018/11/12/Your-dog-is-only-doing-this-to-avoid-consequence 


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