• Richard Chan

It is really that simple.

If you don’t want your puppy to do something, don’t allow it. It is really that simple. Be very vigilant in keeping your puppy on the right path. Do not give him the chance to build bad habits, and he will not have those bad habits when he becomes a dog. It is really that simple. Many puppy owners are being misinformed and handicapped. What is supposed to be straight forward and simple become unnecessarily complex and impossible. They are told their puppy is curious, needs to explore the world, needs to be socialized...and they misunderstand that as meaning they should just let the puppy do whatever the puppy likes and wants. They are handicapped because they are told they should never correct their puppy. They are told it will damage their relationship and the puppy will be ruined. Giving excessive freedom to the puppy without any correction will usually result in an out of control puppy. As the puppy becomes more and more out of control, it becomes much harder for the owner to stop the puppy from destroying things, barking at dogs, jumping on people, pulling on leash, whining at night...etc. They can’t stop these behaviours without correction. These behaviours will be reinforced and then become bad habits. This puppy will grow up and become a dog. All these bad habits will magnify as the puppy becomes bigger and more powerful. When a dog is out of control, he cannot be taken anywhere. His life becomes very limited. By giving a puppy lots of freedom with no correction, we end up with a dog who cannot have much freedom. By worrying about ruining our relationship with correction, we end up with a relationship that is full of stress and frustration. If you don’t give your puppy too much freedom that he is not ready for, he will not have the chance to develop these bad habits. When you don’t allow these bad habits to form early on, you can give your puppy lots of freedom for the rest of his life. 


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