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Why we do not train "friendly" dogs?

We don’t train "friendly" dogs. Our objective is always about creating a dog who is "invisible” in public. An invisible dog will not jump up on other strangers, will not drag the owner to say hi to a random dog, will not pull the owner to sniff the goods on the shelf in a store, will not bark incessantly whenever someone comes to visit, will not keep begging for food during dinner time...etc. An invisible dog knows where his priority should be, he has the maturity and self discipline to make the right decisions, and he will always view his human as the most relevant being in the world. Such a dog can be taken anywhere without problem. He is invisible as he never bothers anyone in public. He is very well received by the public because he is well mannered and well behaved. He is reliable because he listens well even around heavy distractions. Such a dog is a great companion and a true delight to have around. Such a dog will receive lots of compliments and is always welcome by everyone, everywhere. Such a dog is not “friendly”, he is much more than that — he is “invisible”. 

And that is the kind of dogs we aim to deliver to our clients.

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you.

Reactive dog board and train training with Vancouver dog trainer behaviourist Richard Chan

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