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"They said I should never need to correct a dog, is that right?"

Maybe in some made up fantasy world, dogs will just sit down to talk about their feelings and work out a conflict over a cup of tea; but in the real world, dogs do correct each other. It is a fact.

If correction is mean and unkind, does that mean dogs are mean and unkind?

No, of course not. It simply means they think and talk to each other differently because they are not human and do not process the moral consciousness and understanding of abstract concepts that humans have.

Dogs will not understand something like, “There are many staving dogs on the street so you really should not waste your food.” Or, “We are trying to be good neighbors. Please stop barking after 7pm.” Or, “If you bite me, l won’t be able to work, and we will become homeless. You don’t want that, do you?”

Dogs do not process this kind of reasoning. It is not how they think or operate in their world.

People can believe in whatever fantasy they want but when they preach that everyone should live with their dogs in this artificial and unnatural way, they are putting dogs in a very bad position.

When dogs are not given what they need in order to succeed, they will feel like they are not heard nor understood, and therefore become unfulfilled and frustrated. When dogs cannot receive the clear message that they can understand, they will become confused and anxious.

When people expect them to act in a way that they will never do, these unreal expectations will cause dogs to keep making mistakes which will put both the human and the dogs under a lot of stress leading to lots of rehoming and even euthanasia.

If we truly love our dogs, it is our duty to learn how they think so they will know that their voices are heard and understood.

If we truly care for our dogs, it is our duty to give them messages that make sense to them so they will know very clearly how to share their lives with us in harmony.

A dog mother can and will correct the pups but also protect the pups with her life. They speak a language of love and kindness that is expressed in a more primitive and straight forward manner from ours.

The sooner we realize that and the quicker we can learn and understand this language, the happier and more fulfilled our dogs will be.

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