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  • Richard Chan

Does your dog know how to win?

Rehabilitation of reactivity is about teaching a dog how to win.

Many dogs simply don’t know how to handle those situations so they are always losing.

Being constantly on the losing side is very discouraging and frustrating.

It greatly devalues the human’s role as a team leader when the dog is always losing while walking next to the human.

A lot of the reactivity and aggression we see is rooted in the dog giving up on following the human — because to the dog, the human is not capable to lead the dog to victory.

When you are in a battle field, will you say, “ l love following my general who has never won a single battle. I will definitely trust him with my life.”

Sometimes, the human wants the dog to be human so he is viewing, treating, and expecting the dog to be human. It’s like speaking German to someone from a tribal region and expect that person to somehow fully understand you. Can you lead a solider who doesn’t understand your language into the battle field and expect victory?

Sometimes, it’s because the human is not fair and he makes no sense to the dog — rewarding when he shouldn’t or correcting when he shouldn’t, or rewarding/correcting at the wrong level and the wrong time. Will you trust your life in the hand of a general who never treats the soldiers fairly?

Teaching your dog how to win is about knowing how to treat a dog as a dog, how to read your dog, how to talk to your dog, how to connect with your dog so you can close that gap between you and your dog.

When a dog can always win following you, he will love to follow you. You will become the best general to your dog and everything will become much smoother and easier when you walk your dog pass another dog.


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