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  • Richard Chan

Dogs are not cats.

A dog is not a cat.

If you want a well behaved dog, please walk your dog daily.

I do at least 60% of my training and socialization when l am walking my dogs.

I spend lots of time walking my dogs - I walk them in a pack, and l walk them one on one; l walk them on leash and off leash; l walk them structurally as well as unstructurally...

During the walk, a dog gets to know me and build a relationship with me in an instinctual manner. He will read my body language and observe how l respond to different situations (e.g. what to do when we walk by a house with a dog barking from the balcony, what to do when a big truck suddenly horns loudly next to us, what to do when we walk through a big crowd of people inside a store).

My dog will learn many important life lessons through these observations, which is also a key element in the dog's socialization.

By experiencing these events and overcoming these challenging situations in my presence, l become someone the dog learns to trust and is closely bonded with.

During the walk, l also give my dogs free time to explore and sniff. They get to experience the world together with me. They get to learn the rules of our world together with me.

Walking your dogs often can nurture a very solid and positive relationship between you and your dog.

Dogs want to migrate with their pack members. Just hanging out inside the house will not satisfy and fulfill this instinctual need of theirs.

When a dog is balanced and fulfilled, everything becomes much easier as the dog and human are more in tuned.

Walking your dog is not only about giving your dog physical exercise, but also offers the dog important emotional and psycological benefits.

Most importantly, it will develop much better understanding and a very strong and respectful relationship between you and your dog.

Even if you are very busy, if you want a well behaved dog, the walk is something you really should not skip.

Your cat can live indoor its whole life, but your dog is not a cat. Please do not treat a dog like a cat.

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