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Keep it "Real"

I have blocked and deleted a lot of comments on my business Facebook page from people who liked to imply ecollar training is not “real” training, it’s inhumane, and is not kind.

The ironic part is that none of these people have ever showed even one video whereas they could get a dog to offer drastically different behaviour in the REAL world using their methodology.

How is training that only works in a controlled and rehearsed environment “real” and training that works in the real world around actual strangers, children and unknown dogs “unreal”?

It takes a lot of time to post videos and updates. I am doing it to show people the possibility and potential they can elevate their dogs to, even when the dog may be really struggling now.

Many people unfortunately do not know what their dogs can really achieve because they are too afraid to try methods that actually work, or they have been deceived into believing that using food, staying very far away, and doing lots of U turns for years are the “best” way.

How is that humane when dogs are made to suffer much longer unnecessarily (some may live their entire lives that way) when we know there are much better and proven ways out there that can help our dogs?

Once the dog has started the training, I know owners really miss their dogs. They have been through a lot before they dropped their dogs off. Many are very emotional. It is very insensitive for these strangers to post something so nasty in public about a dog they know nothing about. There is no kindness in what they are doing.

I deleted and blocked all these people. I never engage.

I don’t spend the time my clients have paid me to train their dogs in arguing with some strangers on the internet. I am surprised these people have so much time to do that. Some of the messages they posted are actually really long.

When your dog is home, you may come across people like that when they see you walking your dog with an ecollar and prong collar.

Please remember what you are doing is not illegal. They are the ones who are wrong in harassing you.

Just let your dog’s impeccable behaviour speak for you.

Although l have received lots of nasty comment on the internet, l can count with one hand how many times l have met someone in real life who would openly challenge or attack me for using ecollar or prong collar in the last 20 something years.

As a matter of fact, l always receive lots of compliments. Many would come up and ask if l was a dog trainer and ask for my info, even though l never wear any shirt with logo or carry any typical dog trainer gear like a food pouch. I am not saying this to brag; just want to say that people can see what is in front of their eyes.

Talk is cheap. Dogs don’t lie. Work on your dog.

Your dog’s behaviour and the change he/she makes in front of your neighbors are the best testimony. It speaks loud and clear that you are doing what is best for your dog and you are willing and able to help your dog — who used to suffer — to live a much better and happier life now. You are being a very kind, humane, proactive, and knowledgeable dog owner. That is who you are. Don’t let these people tell you otherwise.


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