• Richard Chan

Protective dog

“My dog is very protective of me!”

“Chances are your dog won’t protect you when you really need him to; but he will probably bite someone when you don’t want him to.”

This is a dog with low confidence who does not trust nor respect his human and is not used to engage in his human and perform as told around distractions.

A “protective” dog should be a very confident and balanced dog who is really well socialized and well trained.

A dog who will resource guard the owner and react to humans and dogs is a reactive/aggressive, and likely anxious, dog.

Such a dog cannot and should not be used for protection. He is easily spooked, may bite the people you don’t want him to bite, and won’t stop when you need him to.

If you have a dog like that, you should not think of this dog as your protector.

Your dog is a liability.

Please do something about it.


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