• Richard Chan

Walk your dog...in your home.

How do we nurture an engaged mindset?

We build this mindset into the dog’s daily life so it becomes muscle memory.

We practise putting the dog in command all the time during our daily interaction so paying attention and waiting for permission will just become a habit.

For example, how many of you practise walking your dog in “heel” in your home?

We do. And we do it all the time.

And we do it off leash as shown in this clip.

When we are doing this all the time, it will become natural so the dog will do it automatically without conflict.

The walk is an exercise which can nurture attentiveness and impulse control. When walking next to the human becomes natural, getting into an attentive and disciplined mindset will also become natural.

When engagement is part of a life style, it is much easier for the human and the dog to become one without much force.

That is why the walk is so important and why we spend so much time on the walk, even when we are in the house.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.


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