Transforming Challenging Dogs Into Perfect Companions Since 1996.                                              

I am a dog behaviourist specializing in behaviour rehabilitation of:

 -Severe human and dog aggression,

 -Intense leash reactivity,

 -Extreme anxiety and fearfulness,

 -High level of separation anxiety and confinement phobia,

 -Serious hyperness and complete lack of impulse control,

 -Incessant barking, constant jumping, massive pulling, non stop whining, destructiveness...etc

I will not only train your dog to the highest standard possible but will also spend as much time as is needed to train you, the owner, so you and your dog can enjoy on and off leash reliability in the real world without all the stress and frustration you are facing now.


If you are looking for real solid result that actually works in the real world, if you want to start living with your canine companion in perfect harmony today, please book a consultation so we can get you on the path of living happily with your dog ASAP.