Me playing with a great dane, Boston terrier and a bullmastiff

Who am I?


Hi, this is Richard. I grew up with our family dog since I was 6. It was a Yorkie mix named Po. That dog disappeared one day because my father said it was "too naughty". In 1989, I had my own personal dog, a Maltese. I told myself to train this dog from day one to make sure what happened to Po would never happen again.


In 1990, a show breeder saw how I trained my dog and offered me one of his puppies to train and handle. I had my first Best in Show in 1991 with this puppy. I was then given another dog by a breeder I met during a dog show to train for obedience competitions, which I won shortly after. This is how I started my dog training journey.


I have since been involved in various forms of dog training for over 20 years.

What is my training philosophy? 


Developing undivided engagement and nurturing a mutually respectful relationship is the cornerstone of clear communication with each and every dog that I have had the pleasure to work with.

I believe in being as gentle as possible and as assertive as is required to motivate each dog effectively. My objective is for each and every dog to become reliable in the real world surrounded by real distractions.

I train with verbal markers and reward (food/praise/affection), pet convincer, prong collar, slip lead, and remote collar from ecollar technology.

My remote collar and my clicker
Me and my dog sitting outside of Starbucks

What do I have to offer? 


My company is called Perfect Companion because I firmly believe that all dogs can be taught to behave like a perfect companion.


Do not give up if your dog lunges, barks, and growls at other dogs and people on the walk, chews eveything in sight and barks non-stop after you are gone, will not stop dragging you down the road, jumps and barks at your guests...etc. One of my current dogs was once very reactive and the other was extremely fearful--but they are no longer that way.


I have met owners who cannot invite any guest over, cannot buy any nice furniture, cannot go on vacation, cannot take their dogs to any public places, cannot walk their dogs until past midnight, cannot leave their dogs alone in a car for any length of time. I have seen dry wall being chewed through, canopy ripped apart, back seat shredded into pieces, mattress with a hole dug in the middle,...etc.







Pack walk

Good news is these kind of undesirable behavior can be modified and dogs can be rehabilitated.


I want dog owners to be proud of their well behaved dogs. That is why I started this company.


Whether you just want to train your puppy to give him a head start, fine tune the walk with your dog, teach your dog some basic house manner, or to stop some seriously undesirable behavior, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Just remember: your dog can be your perfect companion even if he does not act like one today. 


Let's work together to make it happen.