Puppy Board & Train (4 weeks to 6 months)
Starts at $3200 for 4 weeks ($800 for each additional week) 

This is the best puppy program with the sole objective of preparing your puppy to become a very well behaved dog.

Your puppy will be completely immersed in structured socialization, confidence and engagement build, and obedience training - not in a classroom but in my house with me and my wife, my children, my cat, and my dogs, in a real family settings, for 4 weeks (or more if there are some behavioral issues).

Many people miss the window to properly socialize and train their puppies. Many owners do not know what proper socialization means. Many also leave out holes in their socialization regime so when the puppy grows up there are many things that he/she has never been exposed to and things he/she does not know how to handle, which often result in a lack of life skills and anxiety/fear related issues.

A lot of dog owners do not have access to balanced and well behaved dogs so they try to expose their puppies to other dogs in a dog park. Unfortunately, it only takes one dog attack to create a very negative experience which can lead to some serious behavior issues that may take a lot of work and a lot of time to undo.

I will spend many hours to properly socialize your puppy with balanced dogs and people and environments in a wide spectrum of real world situations. Your puppy will be well prepared for real life situations and interactions with all sorts of people, dogs, and other animals

Your puppy will come home knowing how to walk on leash and know all basic commands (sit, down, place, come), will be crate trained, house trained (depends on the age you may need to continue the training routine a bit more but the ground work will be laid which will make things much easier for you). Most importantly, your puppy will be heavily and properly socialized during this time so he will be confident, engaged, respectful, and obedient.

4 hours of extra training will be included for free to make sure you get all the help and support you need. This is not for puppies with serious behavioral problems; this program aims to prevent these problems from coming up as your puppies grow up. We accept puppies from 8 weeks and up.

Teach your puppy how to be a well behaved perfect companion starting from the first day can save you a lot of headaches in the years to come!


1. Cost does not include the purchase of an educator remote collar from ecollar technology (ecollar.com) when applicable. Price varies depending on the model of your choice. ($350 CAD and up)

2. Cost does not include the purchase of a HS prong collar (made in Germany $25 CAD for chrome and $35 - $45 for stainless steel), or a slip lead (made in the USA), $25 CAD