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My Dogs & Cat

All my personal dogs and cat were given up by their previous owners due to a long list of behavioral problems.


I have to rehabilitate my own dogs the same way l rehabilitated all other dogs who came to me for help. I have experienced and solved the same problems you are having now (e.g. aggression, fearfulness, anxiety, reactivity, leash pulling, jumping, barking, biting...). l can relate to all your pain and frustration.

By looking at my dogs now, l can also share with you a message of hope that only those who have lived with difficult dogs can relate to.

When I offer you a suggestion to solve a behavioral problem, it is not a suggestion I have read from a book but something I have actually tried and obtained real results with.

Proper training can really transform difficult dogs - a massive leash puller can learn to walk nicely, a fearful dog can be very calm in public, an aggressive dog can be around children in a playground, and a reactive dog can walk calmly past many barking dogs.


Please don't give up. We can work together to make it happen.

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