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Structured Boarding


We provide structured boarding exclusively for clients whose dogs have already finished board and train with us.

We know it can be very stressful to find a facility that is safe, secured, and most importantly, really understands and able to meet the needs of your dogs.


We are here to help make your boarding decision as simple and stress-free as possible.


Unlike most day care centers, our structured boarding focuses on education and behavior improvement. All boarding dogs will receive lots of training and structures daily. They will also be socialized, exercised, and walked with other dogs multiple times a day.


You will have the peace of mind knowing that your dog is happy and safe; on top of that, you no longer need to worry about your dog forgetting the training and regressing when you go on vacation. We will also offer tune up on specific areas that you dog may need help on while you are away so your dog will come home better trained, better exercised, and better behaved than when he/she is dropped off.

Videos/pictures will be updated on my Facebook and Instagram page. Private lessons are provided during drop off/pick up at no extra charge.

Availability is very limited. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to make your reservation ASAP. Thank you.


- This does not apply to returning dogs who have developed new behavioral issues that require extensive rehabilitation.  

- For the safety of all dogs in the facility, I reserve the right to refuse boarding any dog that is not healthy, or has not followed their training (e.g. is no longer crate trained.)

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