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Behaviour Rehabilitation

6 weeks $5400
7 weeks $6300
8 weeks $7200 

Our board and train program is not only about teaching your dogs a few obedience commands or bombarding you with lots of complex theories; it is a very practical rehabilitation program which is heavily focused on two very important but often overlooked elements:


1) teaching your dogs how to make right choices on their own under heavy real world distractions;


2) effectively transferring the training to you in a sustainable manner so you can enjoy living with your dogs in harmony in many years to come without dealing with all the stress that you are going through right now.


Our rehabilitation program is very result orientated. Your dog will learn all the basic commands with great engagement and impulse control around real world distractions. We will do all the heavy liftings for you then empower you to keep up with the training successfully after.


We have been transforming the most challenging dogs successfully since 1996, but what has really set us apart is our continued success in educating human owners.


With our customized human training system, we have empowered and transferred real lasting results to over 6000 owners for over 28 years. Unlimited private follow-up lessons are also provided at no extra charge to ensure all our clients will always receive the support they need for as long as they have their dogs.


Please watch the videos to gain a better understanding on how I train and what you can expect from working with me. If you like to enjoy similar transformation with your own dogs, please book a consultation now so we can get started without further delay. Thank you.


- 6 weeks are designed to help dogs struggling with mild reactivity;

- 7 weeks are meant for dogs with more severe reactivity, anxiety, and aggression;

- 8 weeks and up are specially catered for dogs with intense anxiety, fearfulness, and aggression.

- Cost does not include an ecollar ($350), a prong collar ($30) and possibly a bark collar ($150).

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