Board and Train Rehabilitation
5 weeks. $4000
6 weeks, $4800
7 weeks, $5600

Our behavior rehabilitation is not only about dog obedience training or correcting undesirable behaviours; it is an immersion program which is heavily focused on two things:


1) teaching your dog how to make the right choices on their own even when under heavy distractions;


2) to effectively transfer the training to you in a sustainable manner so you can enjoy living with your dog reliably in many years to come.


Our immersion training program is very result orientated. We are not interested in only teaching your dog to perform some superficial commands in a sterile environment. Your dog will learn how to engage in you in the real world with great impulse control around real distractions.

The biggest difference between our program and others is how successfully we have been in transferring the training to the human families over the last 25+ years. We have a specific human training system that has proven to work with over 6000 clients that we have had the pleasure to work with since 1996. Moreover, unlimited private training lessons will also be provided to the client for life at no extra charge so everyone can receive the help they need whenever they may need them for as long as they have their dogs.

5 weeks are designed to help dogs struggling with minor reactivity and other minor behavioral issues.


6 weeks are meant for dogs with more severe reactivity and/or anxiety-related issues.


7 weeks are specially catered for dogs with intense anxiety and/or aggression. Additional weeks may be required for very intense cases.


1. Cost does not include the purchase of an educator remote collar from ecollar technology ($350 CAD and up). Barkless Pro Bark Collar ($150 CAD) may also be required in certain situations.

2. Cost does not include the purchase of a Herm Sprenger prong collar ($25 and up).

3. It is the responsibility of the owners to make sure their dogs are up to date with immunizations. Titer results are accepted as well. No dog without proof of immunization will be accepted.