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Board and Train Rehabilitation
5 weeks $4000
6 weeks $4800
7 weeks $5600

Unlike most other programs, our behavior rehabilitation is not only about dog obedience training or correcting undesirable behaviours; it is an immersion program which is heavily focused on two very important but often overlooked elements:


1) teaching your dogs how to make right choices on their own under heavy real world distractions;


2) effectively transferring the training to you in a sustainable manner so you can enjoy living with your dogs reliably in many years to come without dealing with all the stress that you are going through right now.


Our immersion training program is very result orientated. We will do the heavy lifting for you and empower you to keep the result going after your dog is home. We are not interested in only teaching your dog to perform some superficial commands in a sterile environment. Your dog will learn how to follow you in the real world with great engagement and impulse control around real distractions.

The biggest difference between our program and others is how successfully we have been able to transfer the training to the human families over the last 25+ years. We have a specific human training system that has proven to work with over 6000 clients that we have had the pleasure to work with since 1996. Unlimited private training lessons are also provided for life at no extra charge to ensure you will always receive the support you need for as long as you have your dog.

Instead of me keep going on and on about how good I am, please take a moment to watch the videos and see the transformation with your own eyes so you can have a better idea on how I train and what you can expect from working with me.  

Looking forward to meeting you and your dog soon.


5 weeks are designed to help dogs struggling with reactivity and other issues such as pulling, jumping, barking...etc.

- 6 weeks are meant for dogs with more severe reactivity, anxiety, and/or some aggression.

- 7 weeks are specially catered for dogs suffering from intense anxiety, fearfulness, reactivity and/or aggression. 

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