Behaviour Rehabilitation Board & Train
$4000 / 5 weeks 
$4800 / 6 weeks 
$5600 / 7 weeks 
$6400 / 8 weeks 

Board and train behavior rehabilitation is not only about obedience training; it is a training program which is heavily focused on teaching a dog how to make the right choices in the real world even when the dog is under heavy distraction. It is all about helping you and your dog to share your life in perfect harmony.

We do not want a dog who will only listen when there is food, we train all dogs to know how to be attentive around distraction, how to trust their owners and look to their owners for guidance when they are unsure or aroused, and how to make the right decision on his/her own even without any command.


Board and train is a very result orientated program which allows your dog to be completely immersed in a 24/7 daily structure which is specifically tailored and custom designed to modify the fundamental mindset of your dog in order to address and rehabilitate the undesirable behaviors holistically (i.e. dog aggression, fear aggression, human aggression, fearfulness, separation anxiety, and reactivity issues, and so on). 


Your dog will be both on and off leash trained upon completion of the program.


Your dog will also learn how to be calm on command, understand pack order and know how to respect your leadership and develop much better impulse control with excellent house manner.


We will also deal with leash pulling, lack of focus in public, crate anxiety, jumping, barking...etc. 

All dogs will learn the 5 basic commands both on and off leash (come, sit, down, place, let's go).


During your dog's stay, he/she will be taken to many different social settings and meeting various dogs and people for the purpose of confidence building and socialization.

Your dog will be staying in a family home setting and be treated like our own family dog.


Unlimited lifetime private 1 on 1 training sessions are included at no extra charge to make sure you are empowered to carry on and keep up with the training.

All dogs in training and boarding are updated on our Facebook page with videos, pictures, and write ups regarding their progress.

Returned board and train clients will be eligible to exclusive structured boarding (subjected to availability) and tune up one on one lessons for life. 

This is the best and most effective program to rehabilitate and modify undesirable behaviors to transform your dog into your perfect companion. We will return to you a drastically transformed and much better behaved dog.

You are not just paying for a few weeks of training; with the board and train program, you are investing in a life time of training and support from me for as long as you own your dog. 

1. Cost does not include the purchase of an educator remote collar from ecollar technology ( Price varies depending on the model of your choice. ($350 CAD and up)

2. Cost does not include the purchase of a HS prong collar (made in Germany $25 for chrome or $35/$45 for steel and stainless steel), or a slip lead (handmade in the USA with spring loaded stopper), $25.

3. It is the responsibility of the owners to make sure their dogs are up to date with their immunizations when they drop off their dogs. Titer results are accepted as well. No dog without proof of immunization will be accepted.