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How my 8 years old stays safe around other dogs.

How do l keep my children safe from the client dogs who often arrive with a history of aggression? I teach my children how to treat dogs as dogs. Let me give you an example. Anja is a working line German Shepherd with a bite history. This picture you see here was taken 2 years ago. My daughter was 8 at the time. We were at a farm with Anja. There were lots of chicken, rabbits, squirrels, horses, coats... Although Anja had a very high prey drive, she listened to my daughter both on and off leash. She stayed by her side and was relaxed and chilled. Anja used to be a massive puller. She was a very high energy Czech working line Shepherd with lots of IPO 3 in her bloodline. My daughter could never use any physical power to make Anja listen to her. But she never had to. My daughter does not get super emotional in front of dogs. She does not ask to say hi to other people’s dogs. She does not let any stranger pet her dog. She does not humanize a dog and give the dog lots of unearned affection with high pitch voice. She does not hug a dog like it was a human baby. Simply put, she does not look at a dog as a Disney character. She looks at a dog for what a dog truly is, a dog. She knows how to treat a dog like a dog since a very young age, and dogs respect her as a result of that.

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